Immigration Is the Most Valuable and Wasted Commodity in the World

The most baffling aspect of the current immigrant crisis in America is how uneducated and brainwashed Americans are into believing that the ‘crisis’ itself is external – not internal.

The most perfect example of how uneducated most people are who voice their opinions loudly about the ‘harm’ immigrants provide is during Brexit. I remember watching a local news clips of a  journalist who was interviewing someone who voted to leave the EU and asked why, and of course, their response was something like “well those immigrants will take all our jobs,” but when asked how many jobs they had applied for… they responded none.

That right there is the perfect allusion that people in today’s society create when it comes to the immigrant crisis. The facts that people in the UK, America, Australia and Canada have trouble learning is that immigrants have made these places smarter and richer. This idea that someone like President Donald Trump will make some sort of life-changing renewal in America (and make it great again), steams from the historic Reagan era. The difference however is that Reagan had ideas that were optimistic, and that shinned light on the American Dream, and Trump’s ideas are steamed from anger. Trump along with the leader in Russia embrace a negative, angry view that anyone outside their own land has the potential to create danger, and represent a value that holds a zero-sum. Trump has allowed his own people to unite a common pessimistic view to accomplish things that they feel as if they cannot accomplish alone.

If we actually opened all the borders up and allowed people to live wherever they please, how many of them would actually move? This idea that there is “tremendous danger” on borders is Trump’s way of nationalism. And so far, this nationalism is not only similar to Vladimir Putin’s, but has  in many ways poisoned American politics for the first time in many years. In Russia, Putin (like Trump) vows to weaken its ethic nationalism. Similar issues have also spread through India, where there are radical ethnic-nationalist ties to Hindu groups, or in Turkey, where they have turned away from the European Union and from peace talks with the Kurdish minority.

This also includes doubts on loyalties and minorities, and doubts from many Americans on the other side of the spectrum to even believe anything that any politician says. According to the Economist, if the world opened all its borders, the world would be $78 trillion dollars richer. Workers are proved to be far more productive when they move from a poor country to a rich one. Essentially, the workers who are used to scrape a living from soil- know more skills that those who didn’t have to. The idea that all borders could or should be opened is merely a fantasy to Trump. Even though workers in rich countries like the UK or America earn more than those from poorer countries because they are better educated, and the societies have developed institutions. Transferring these institutions to a place like Afghanistan would be extremely difficult, however, flying a family from Afghanistan to a place like Canada is the most efficient way to battle absolute poverty.



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