It’s Time We Defend Our Brothers and Sisters


There has yet to be a day where I go onto my twitter and I don’t see a black man or woman being beaten down or harassed by cops. As important it is to record when these things happen, it is also important to realize that the cop beating the black person on the ground is no more human then you or I. A badge should not suddenly uplift someone above the law, the badge should not be kryptonite to the black and brown communities, and the badge should not stop you from defending the defenseless. It has been time to fight back against police when they commit acts of assault and violence for decades.

I feel as when we think of “policeman”, “congressman”, or “government” we forget that these people are human. No human should have the ability to dictate lives the way these people do. For certain, no human should have the right to beat down and kill people because of a badge. We have evolved into a symbolic species, we place so much meaning to logos that it has become essential to be able to recognize and react to them. The black and brown communities must look out for each other. “Policeman” does not make someone not human, if you see a human beating a human down help them. Some people will say, “if she wasn’t resisting she wouldn’t have been treated like that”, working to protect yourself from pain and being attack is a natural instinct. You cannot expect someone to be perfectly still and not look after their body when being attacked by one or multiple police.

“People should not fear their government,

The government should fear it’s people”

-V for Vendetta

I understand that intervening police in their detaining process is extremely dangerous and would end in more dead bodies, more black and brown people getting beaten, as well as it being illegal. However, we as a people cannot hide in fear, we will always outnumber. Power comes in numbers. Conservatives will always criticize black and brown communities for any action to protect their lives.  Saving someone’s life or saving them from bodily damage is worth the criticism.



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