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Why should I wait?
There is nothing worse than the judgement that comes from “making the first move” as if we all didn’t want the same thing! We all want to meet that special someone who brings out the best in us and makes the journey worth it. So why is it that I can’t express interest without being shamed? It is so infuriating to see how times change, but old fashioned thinking seems to stay. I will never comprehend why people choose to hate, I understand that everyone might not agree with my decisions and I don’t expect them to, but there is no need to insult me over a difference of opinion. If my desire to be happy offends you, instead of adding fuel to the fire focus on your life, don’t mind my quest and simply live your life to its fullest potential for I am trying to do the same. No, I am not in any way being pretentious by wearing some make up. I just want to look my best not for him, but for myself. It may come as a shock to you, but the sole purpose of my existence isn’t in fact to attract men. I do that out of personal desire. Now, don’t call me names! I am more than a pretty face and I will not apologize for having a brain. Truth is we all have one and it is a true shame not everyone uses it. I like to think that if they all did then I wouldn’t have to write all of this, but unfortunately I do, so just bear with me.
Somewhere deep in our sub-conscience it is embedded that we mustn’t make a scene, that we should always comply with the societal norms, but I will not be controlled. I am not a tool so don’t try to handle me. I don’t need your approval to roam on my own two feet. It is needless to say that I refuse to ask for your permission to speak. You are not above me. You are only lying  to yourself if you think that I am driven by your acceptance for my passions are what lay in the pilot seat. My destinations are new worlds, not your bedroom. I don’t intend to fulfill your wildest dreams. I am too busy chasing my own. No, I will not pay any attention to your loud and hurtful words as they are inaccurate.
“Where there is shouting, there is no true knowledge.” -Leonardo da Vinci
I have decided to challenge myself to be more outspoken because I have a lot to say. Why should I wait to receive that text when I can be the one to send it instead. After all, the phone does work both ways. It is ridiculous to get criticized over starting a conversation or following up on a date. I have no reason to shame, I have committed no sin, and so I will continue to text first. I am sick of the silly games and playing pretend, I have far better things to do with my time. All there is left to say is that I am simply unapologetic for being myself.

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Neftali Cabrales
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An undergraduate student pursuing a Mass Communications/Journalism degree. Also loves musicals and deeply appreciates nap time.

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