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If you’d like to rep cool merchandise and donate to good causes then this is the list for you. Know that, with your money, every time you’re making a purchase you’re contributing to the bigger picture. Here are few of many brands that you can find that you know do their part in actively helping out the world we live in:

  1. Sandcloud — This brand’s mission is to help protect marine life. They donate 10% of their profits to non-profit organizations that support their mission.
  2. Gypsy Island — This towel brand aims to help everyone gain access to clean water. They use 10% of their profits to fund clean drinking water projects for those in underprivileged areas of developing third world countries.
  3. 4Ocean — A brand with an international initiative of ridding the ocean of trash. For each bracelet purchased, one pound of garbage is removed from the ocean. These cleanup initiatives are funded from the money of each bracelet sale.
  4. Devocean co. (aka Devoted To the Ocean) —  This brand has a vision of the ocean being free from any and all contaminants. They donate 20% of their net profits to sea turtle conservation.
  5. The Elephant Pants — Saving Elephants is their mission and they focus on areas such as anti-poaching, community conservation, and habitat protection. This clothing brand dedicates 10% of their profits to saving the elephants.
  6. TenTree — Planting trees is the goal of this clothing brand. For every item bought from them, the money goes towards planting 10 trees.
  7. Wear The Peace — Their objective is to make a difference in this world of injustices. When any one of their articles of clothing are purchased, they donate an article of clothing to people in need.
  8. Unapology —  They help underrepresented women earn their way to financial freedom. They use 10% of their profits in conjunction with their partner MoveUp to give women small business grants.
  9. GreenBox Shop — This clothing brand’s intent is to empower. 50% of sales of their “climate change is real” shirts goes toward bee conservation.
  10. Bloody Nora Pam — This is a clothing and merch brand meant to be fun and inspirational. They donate 10% of their profits to the UK Sepsis Trust.

Remember that this list comprises of only a few brands out there and that there are many ways that you can actively participate in making the world better.By not only buying their merch but actually working with the brand/the organizations they support.

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Sapphire Charlemagne-Gittens

A teenage girl from Barbados that believes we all have the ability to change our reality and the world around us for the better. Even if you're the only one who believes it can be done.

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