A New Mission: Disrupting Migration

In the past couple of years, issues relating to fleeing refugees, war torn countries, and of course the infamous Islamic State, has been more prominent than ever. The world had different ways of reaction, some offering hospitality, while others hostility. The situation has become more about the rights of humans than the political challenges involved with unstable countries, with the people involved doing anything to get away from the chaos that is politics and corruption.

Here comes the fleeing refugees part. In attempt to escape and be free from the corrupt leaders and falling government, many people have to illegally cross borders to safer countries, a common form of transportation being the channel between Northern Africa and Southern Europe, places like Italy.

A lot of initiatives are and were being launched to save families from drowning in the small wooden boats that are often overcrowded to the state that the boat is in risk of capsizing. Countries to offer asylum and protection but there is the fear of terrorism within the millions of migrants. Who is really seeking asylum, and who is wanting to spread terror? There’s no real system of thoroughly checking.

For many European countries and their people, this situation was a shock. Hospitality was offered by many, yet many were unwelcoming to the foreign guests wanting to stay. Lorenzo Fiato made his debut in May, when he became the leader of the Italian branch of the European right wing movement that calls itself identitarian, aiming to disrupt migrants wanting to come to Italy. In attempt to do this, Fiato and his allies used an inflatable raft to delay a ship carrying Doctors Without Borders personnel, hindering them from rescuing migrants at sea.

Human rights organisations were appalled, outraged, and astonished to say the least, Italian youth trying to stop efforts in saving refugees, threatening the lives of many children and their families. The act gained a lot of attention, mostly acquiring disgust, but also a stunning $100,000 in private donations and investments.

This all goes back to the belief system of Fiato and his allies, that more migration amounts to a muslim invasion. Italy is one of the southern European countries with the most risk of mass migration because of its miles of coastline and its proximity to Northern Africa and Greece. Fiato argues that the aid ships “become a magnet” for migration, by saving one boat of refugees, you can’t say no to the other. He argues that it is benefiting smugglers and human traffickers if Europe continued its welcoming posture.

This is has become the news of the moment for migration as people are conflicted with wether the right wing group really had a promising concept or if they were murderers.“There are life vests so we can help,” said Mr. Fiato, noting that maritime law required them to help those in need. The future of youth in general is swayed by media speculation, and continues to do so as more and more European youth find it difficult to let migrants into their countries.



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