1. The Balance: 120 days of resistance. More than 96 people killed of which more than 12 were minors. Most victims are 19 years old or younger. 15.000 hurt, 6 missing, 4072 arrested for protesting, 444 political prisoners (including majors, activists, the new members of the supreme court, etc.). 479 were presented before a military court while being civilians.  As told by Lilian Tintori, leader of the opposition, wife of Leopoldo Lopez.

2. The Great Fraud:

“What couldn’t be done by votes, will be done by weapons” –Nicolás Maduro, President of Venezuela.

3. The International Reaction:

The Border Colombia-Venezuela July 29. Taken from: http://www.talcualdigital.com/Nota/145610/26mil-venezolanos-cruzaron-a-colombia-este-lunes-ante-incertidumbre

4. The Opposition’s Actions:

  • Blocking of the streets
Common “guarimba”. Taken from http://www.talcualdigital.com
  • Marches
“Madre de las Marchas” Taken from http://www.milenio.com/internacional/protestas-venezuela-gases_lacrimogenos-muertos-nicolas_maduro-milenio_5_941355860.html
Main roads in Caracas during 48h Economical Strike July 26. Taken From https://instagram.com/p/BXBgXpUltq8/
  • The designation, by the National Assembly of new members for the Supreme Court, following all legal proceedings.
  • A symbolic referendum to prove, with numbers, the rejection of this illegal new constitution. With only 1 month to organize them and with no systems to count with, Venezuelans all around the world lined up to vote, as they had the right to and never got to. Many lines were so massive that many people did not get a chance to vote before the centers closed. 7.5 million voted. 98.5% agreed for the National Army to obey the National Assembly. 98.3% asked for the public powers to be renewed, asked for free and fair elections and for a transition government.
Taken from http://www.infobae.com/america/fotos/2017/07/16/las-fotos-de-los-venezolanos-residentes-en-el-exterior-que-votaron-en-el-plebiscito-contra-la-constituyente-chavista/

5. The Count Down and What it Brought:

Venezuelan Tanks. Taken from http://korearms.egloos.com/1171093
Leopoldo Lopez Climbing from a Three to See Protesters From His Home. Taken from http://noticiasvenezuela.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/Leopoldo-LC3B3pez-1.jpg


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