Meet Greg McKelvey: Portland, Oregon’s Very Own Social Justice Warrior

There is a strong force within the city of Portland, Oregon called the PDX Resistance. Since the movement is located inside one of the whitest cities in the U.S., it is very much needed.

PDX Resistance is led by Greg McKelvey, a warrior for the unheard and marginalized voices of Portland, Oregon. Greg Mckelvy, a 24-year-old recent law school graduate, dedicates his time towards combating racism and fighting against Trump. Outside of protests, he spends his time participating in arts & crafts activities for refugee children, speaking in schools, speaking in front of the city council, and tons of other volunteer work.

On the night of November 8th, 2016 a huge riot broke out within Portland, Oregon in response to Trump’s election into office. This event that made national news coverage was set up by Greg McKelvey. Much of downtown Portland was damaged, but as McKelvey has said, “A broken window is not more important than a broken body”. McKelvey also makes it clear that this anger and damaging behavior is a result of oppression and the product of those who want to make some kind of change.

“Greg McKelvey encouraged a room full of kids who hate the way this country is run, to speak up and fight for what we believe in.”

Greg McKelvey has always been a passionate combatant against racism.  He came and spoke to the Critical Race Studies class I was enrolled in, straight from a protest. He spoke to us about himself but, more importantly, he spoke about organizations like Black Lives Matter and other social justice warriors involved within Portland who fight for the cause. He stressed heavily on getting our voices heard.

Greg McKelvey encouraged a room full of kids who hate the way this country is run, to speak up and fight for what we believe in. He used his small window to inspire teenagers to be themselves and be confident. Greg McKelvey is special in the way that he is an activist for the people who need it most. 

Greg Mckelvey has gotten national recognition, being invited to speak at a Bernie Sanders rally, doing a huge amount of radio appearances, writing articles, leading marches and protests, and doing inspiring and loving community work. Greg McKelvey is a  lead-by-example type, who shows Portland how it’s done by doing it himself. 



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