Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help

It’s hard asking for help with anything, whether it’s to do with mental health, relationships, etc. It’s difficult to express how you’re feeling to someone else because you think they either won’t understand because they haven’t gone through it themselves or because you are afraid to tell them. I know from personal experiences, I have had difficulties on asking for help. Mostly because I don’t want to cause stress to other people’s lives and think that I’m causing them a burden because a small part inside my head, it’s like “hey, you need help! Ask them, it’s not like they’re going to bite your head off” but the bigger part inside your head stops you because you think that they are going to be annoyed that you’re dropping your baggage on them when they could be going through something bigger than your “petty” problems.

No matter what that huge part of your head is saying asking for help isn’t being considered weak or cowardly. It actually takes great courage to go up to someone and ask for help for whatever it is. One thing you can do is list the people that you can ask for help. This can be your closest friend, a parent, or your favorite teacher. The first step is telling yourself that you need help and what you need help with. This can be anything that relates back to your issue. It can be anxiety, depression, school work, etc. It can be scary asking for help but once you’ve asked for it, it gets easier. It’s not healthy bottling everything inside of you because it’s only going to make you feel worse, believe me, and sooner or later all of that anxiety and worry is going to burst. 

When you start telling a person an issue, take a deep breath and let everything out slowly, believe it or not, people will listen to you, especially loved ones will want to you to get solutions to your problems and don’t be scared if you are rejected of help because they might be going through something as well so don’t lose hope and ask someone else.

Like I said, it’s scary asking for help and opening up to people about your problems that might be personal but it is a good way of letting go of any negative energy and fears out of your body. Whatever you’re going through, it will pass and sometimes letting someone know helps the process faster.



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