As a transfer student from a community college to a four-year university, this summer has been a tad bit stressful. From attending orientations and other events to the lingering anxiety of a new, fresh start, the thought of meeting new people, and not to mention the pressure of meeting not only academic goals but social norms, college is bound to be hectic this year. Since I’ll be experiencing a lot of things for the first time, I almost view myself as a freshman, even though I’m a sophomore. Due to this, over the summer I did a lot of planning and buying for the upcoming school year.

Here are some tips for incoming transfer students that I learned or wish I knew.

1.Attend orientation early, is possible!

If you’re a Type A personality like me, you’re probably going to attend orientation pretty early to get all of the information you need and classes you want as well. The main reason why you should attend orientation early is that the later you attend, the less amount of time you have to pay for your classes and books and such. When I had my orientation early last month, I found out that I had to pay the entire semester in full by this week. Seeing as how money is a big issue for me, had I gone to orientation later, I definitely would’ve been screwed.

2. Get organized!

Organization is the key!!!! I love getting organized and having a planner, it helps me collect my thoughts and everything I need to do, all while making me feel a little less stressed. I own a physical planner and a bullet journal to track everything. Either is perfect, depending on how you get things together, but having both is much easier for me.

3. Financial aid is a pain, so get on that ASAP!

Financial aid has a way of playing with us all. If you need financial aid or scholarships, please get on those ASAP!! Make sure to look out for deadlines because that is what always gets you.

4. Facebook Group and GroupMe chats are lifesavers!

Your school’s Facebook group is an amazing way to start networking and getting to know others. I’m pretty shy so I don’t really reply to them, but the people in your group share amazing deals and articles, as well as information about the upcoming year. It’s also good for anyone on the look-out for an off-campus roommate, which is what most of the chats consisted of for my school.

5. If living on campus, get on that housing application as soon as it’s available!

Speaking of living arrangements, as soon as the housing application is available, get on that ASAP, if you’re planning to live on campus! It takes a bit to process everything, especially if you know where on campus you want to live.

6. Remember that you got this and this is your time to find yourself and what you want in life!

College is your time, despite what people are going to try and tell you. Major in what you want to major in. Join the clubs you want to join. You literally have the world at your feet for the next four years, or however long you’ll be at university. This is the time to find or even reinvent yourself and take advantage of all the opportunities and more that you’ll be handed. You’ve absolutely got this; I believe in you.

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