An Open Letter To Future Generations

On the 11th of August 2017, 40 teenagers 7 were swarmed and surrounded by hundreds of white supremacists carrying torches that were alight and chanting speech of vitriol, hatred, and bigotry against those in the new generation protesting against the blatant fascism and Nazi ideology being presented in front of them in the year of 2017. In Germany, it is illegal to do the act of the Nazi salute or associate with any Nazi slogans, symbols or memorabilia and they teach the generations after the wake of the disgusting events in World War II to show remorse for the acts that they committed. But in modern day America, police and government still let this promotion and practice of fascist and racist views continue under the guise of the first amendment and “free speech”.

Let it be known that if you have to defend Nazi ideology with the argument of free speech, you are supporting and encouraging that very same ideology.

To the future generations, this time matters more than ever. Words mean more than ever. A president can start a nuclear war with 140 characters. A person can take their own life in the space of one text message. Words are now weapons. WE need to wield them.

To the future generations, this time is more crucial than ever before. We as a society are at a crossroads in many ways, in both social and environmental factors, we can choose to embrace each other in love and move forward as one, or we can choose to let the labels we designed for ourselves define us and divide us further and further apart, causing more destruction than we’ve ever known to be possible and make the world as we know it vanish.

To the future generations: we have to understand the past we have gone through as the human race, the conflicts we have faced, the terror we have instilled on one another, the divides we have created to truly look to the future as progressive. We need to first be able to comprehend the past actions we have chosen to prevent it in the future. This type of white supremacy is not happening 40 years ago like we have seen before, it is happening right as we speak, in 2017  and it is breeding more and more people subscribing to this type of doctrine which is catching like wildfire.

To the future generations, WE are the symbol of change, WE are the ones who can change the outcome of our planet, WE are the ones who can truly make a difference for ourselves, our forefathers and the children to follow us, by CHANGING what we see happening in today’s history.

But we can only do this with unity.

Unity is what no other period in history has achieved in all of time as we know it, there has always been a label, or a misconception, or an idea about someone else that has divided us or made us different from one another, inhibiting us from seeing each other for what we are; one species. If we fight hard enough, If we speak out enough, If we truly care enough, we CAN make the change that has been so desperately needed for thousands of years.

Fight for what is right and just, speak out against what is hateful, show others how to love and above all, look and see the change you can make with one person.


A hopeful but terrified new generation member.



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