The United States Is Now Living in the Repercussions of the Trump Presidency

Today’s upsetting news from Charlottesville, Virginia has spiraled into an international debate on the current fate of America and its self-fulfilled prophecy of hate crimes steamed on racism and extremism.

In the past few days, thousands of “alt-right” members and white supremacists have taken over Charlottesville, Virginia, for a “Unite The Right” rally. The governor declared a state of emergency early Saturday morning.

Since President Trump has taken power, Americans have proved that they are less fulfilled with political leadership and momentum and more fulfilled by violence and hatred. So, as America is taking twisted steps backward through time with a potential nuclear crisis and riots pivoted around white-supremacists, Trump still fails to acknowledge that he has brought a nightmare to life for America — one in which falls directly on his lap.

Trump’s reaction to this outcry of fear across the U.S. is to “cherish our history…” which comes across rather tasteless considering the current state of Americans refusing to see Confederate monuments for what they truly are. So, over 100 years later, America still chooses to embark in a war that has little to nothing to with any pride or rights, just hatred. White supremacy has turned America’s heritage into a modern-day propaganda, and Trump has created a stigma that ‘white people’ are losing control of the country… and therefore they need to fight.

When a society is unsure and constantly feared of what is unknown, it enables people to do the most unbearable things and represents each of our characters more than any other trait. A person’s fear can be either their strongest or weakest weapon as it makes us vulnerable to what we hold close to heart. It’s on our mind and in our brains and influences how we act every day. Trump has used the most racist language in America, pushing people’s darkest fears. Bringing fears out in the open. This has now separated America like never before. Even the Democrats have failed to unite in light of Trump’s ability to confuse and corrupt the Republican Party. More and more, Americans are stepping closer to anarchy, and stepping further away from any reality. has an updating list of growing hate in America – since Trump has been elected. Our country has suffered from many blows from racist people to promote this new propaganda of white supremacy.

What’s to take from just a disappointment in Americans, and politicians, is the wake that as a Country America has got to do better. This sudden surge in racism and bigotry didn’t come out of nowhere. If our President can harass women, immigrants, Muslims, the disabled, the poor, and so many others with threats of physical violence and cruel insults and taunts, why should any of this even be surprising? Trump appointed Steve Bannon and Stephen Miller as his Chief Strategist and Policy Advisor. Both men had documented histories of bigotry and were both in some of the highest available positions in the White House. When the public is capable of embracing such bigotry, there is obviously going to be consequences… such as our current reality. Charlottesville is an indicator of what is to come.



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