White Supremacy Is Pervasive — And It’s Time To Dismantle It

Here’s the thing about white supremacy: its principles were founded on the pretense of a hierarchal structure—a structure that denotes this sort of dominance of white people over any marginalized group. In an attempt to assert said dominance, genocide, inequity among systems, and brutality have become prominent aspects of white supremacy.

Here’s another thing: White people should not feel threatened by the amplification of marginalized voices nor should they be disillusioned enough to believe they are oppressed in this country. You can’t frame the foundation of systemic oppression, continuously attempt to stifle people of color’s voices, commit genocide and cultural imperialism to further pave your unpalatable ideology, and then claim to be the victim when there is resistance. It doesn’t make sense.

You’d think that Nazi sympathizers and KKK rallies would be met with reproach by authorities, or you know, the president of the United States, but how can that happen when these very systems are contrived of white supremacists themselves?

There is no portrayal of pride in Confederate flags, in swastikas, or in Tiki torches. Only of bigotry on one side and one side only. Movements like Black Lives Matter did not stem from the insidious intent of perpetuating hatred. White people who take offense to the movement’s praxis only do so because they feel threatened that marginalized groups are actually attempting to dismantle the pillars of systemic racism. If this country’s core components were founded upon the pseudo-belief of liberty and justice for all, then it’s time that we actually begin following through with that. There is no time for biting our tongues.

White people who exclaim their superiority over people of color bear this glaringly tone-deaf, unquestionable sense of entitlement that they sate by vilifying people of color. And that, my friends, is disgusting. There is nothing superior about peeling autonomy off of marginalized groups. There is nothing superior about wanting to deter any sort of progressive measures to maintain your systemic imbalance.

“It’s 2017” has become a phrase that was once uttered in blatant disbelief, but is now said in an unsurprising tone in response to the current events. We can’t normalize these flagrant depictions of racism. And if you remain silent, then you are, in turn, complicit with these disparaging actions.

But it’s whatever, right? Because apparently, according to these plainclothed white nationalists, free speech offsets any sense of morality or logic.

With that being said, it really is 2017 and we really cannot grow numb to these augmented ideologies that wish to strip this country of any progression. With Donald Trump holding presidential office and with that administration of his, there really is nothing else to do but strike back.



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