The Shock That Has Vanished Can Now Actually Be the Change

France, Germany, the U.K., Spain. These are only a few European countries that have been affected by terrorism attacks lately and the list is expected to get longer — both the list with sorrowful cities as well as the list of victims. Over the years, times has changed, hours have become bombs waiting to be detonated by people deciding to not support the real religion, the Islam, but a terror organization that violently tries to reach one thing: a world living after strict Islamic rules led by the organization itself, the “Islamic” state. I have just summed up basic facts and now there’s one question in my mind hiding an undiscovered importance:

Are you shocked?

Shocked when you hear about new attacks or when you see how many people switch sides to kill? I cannot answer for you, but I’ll share my and my friends’ experiences:


You are sad. You are disgusted by such an act and the people committing them. But shock has been wearing off the more the topic terror has become part of our daily lives, may it be actual terror attacks or simply news reporting on it, the unthinkable got usual. Violence that no one should experience in any way, I’m especially pointing to those countries suffering from war, suppression and extreme terror is something that more and more starts to get accepted by us in turn of getting used to something we shouldn’t get used to. There’s one thing to be said here: for each problem in this world is at least one government responsible, Americans are to be blamed for the founding of the IS militia, the refugee crisis is said to be caused by Germany’s former decisions and famines are obviously taking over poor states because of industrialized countries in which the majority of us lives.

No shock evident in your inner reading voice anymore. Good AND bad, because do you know what shock does?

Shock paralyzes the human and prevents him from acting properly as well as blocks his brain from processing new information. Since almost anyone on this planet feels the same way you do, that means not shocked, we should not only begin to focus on the here and now but on the future which we can change drastically in any way. It starts with sharing your opinion peacefully with the world, continues with raising your voice for other people’s sakes and hopefully ends with encouraging people all over the world to stick together tightly in a time where cohesion suffocates the ones trying to destroy it.



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