4 Tips for Staying Grounded This School Year

The grind. Hours of classes, schoolwork, working as many shifts as you can, trying to make time for your passions, spending time with friends and family, keeping up with outside work, all within a day…I’m not going to lie to you, it’s hard – we all have our moments questioning ourselves, stressing out about time, money and energy. Though it’s important to push yourself in everything you do, there comes a point where it’s too much. Your mental health, emotional health, and overall health should always be your number one priority and so here are four tips to stay grounded and focused this school year:

  1. Five Minutes of Love: Dedicate at least five minutes of your day, every day, to something that you genuinely enjoy doing, or will positively impact you. Whether it be meditation, dancing around your room, a workout routine, calling a family member or friend, yoga, listening to music, making music, painting, drawing, anything. Dedicate those 5+ minutes to that alone and nothing else. Even if you have to get up five minutes earlier, even if you find five minutes on your break or lunch, even if it’s five less minutes scrolling through social media, or even five minutes out of your hour of studying, you’ll be thankful for giving that love to yourself everyday.
  2. Five Thoughts of Gratitude: Every day before you go to sleep, list five things that you were grateful for that day. Whether it be something simple, or something huge, finding things you’re grateful for in a sea of situations that may overwhelm you starts to slowly change your mindset. Truly engulfing your mind in that gratitude is one of the greatest ways to end your day, as “ gratitude is a thankful appreciation for what an individual receives, whether tangible or intangible. With gratitude, people acknowledge the goodness in their lives.”
  3. Journal: Whether it be journaling your day, journaling things you were grateful for, bullet journaling, or simply organizing your day with a planner/to-do list; I find that this helps me clear my mind, and planning my day makes it even more fulfilling, organized, and clear in my mind. Even though there is always bumps in the road, disruptions to plans, and things that force you to sometimes go with the flow, having a general structure for my day, or at least recapping it can help keep the mind a little more at ease.
  4. Listen to Yourself: Every so often, take time throughout the day to check in with your body and mind. Ask yourself, what do you need? Can you do anything in this moment to fulfill that need, and can you listen to your body a little more? Whether it be nourishing your body, taking a few deep breaths, drinking water, or just acknowledging your current situation, make sure you work to stay in tune with your body and mind, you will thank yourself later.



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