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7 Free Online Study Resources To Help You Succeed This School Year

Studying is an essential component to being successful when it comes to academics. A test left unstudied is like a promise left unfulfilled. But studying isn’t as easy as one would think. Some students don’t understand the topics or are in need of extra help, or simply don’t know the right way to study at all. That’s where study resources come in.

These sources are individualized learning guides that are meant to aid students in their studies. They come with great reviews and amazing features, but that can also mean they come with a hefty price tag. You all know the feeling. You’ve found this awesome website with so many great components and so much backing it. You go to register a “free” account, and are hit with the membership ridiculousness. But not all great sites are like that. These are six amazing, and most importantly, FREE study resources that are sure to guarantee your success this school year.


Khan Academy is wildly popular for a reason. Created by teacher Sal Khan, this learning source is meant to give equal education to people around the world at no cost. Its high-quality videos and their wide variety of subjects (including SAT prep!) make the site abundantly beneficial to many different kinds of students, and with the program’s recent announcement regarding its official partnership with the AP program, Khan Academy is making leaps no other resource could hope to achieve. Plus, if you’d rather learn in another language, no problem! All videos on the site are being or have been translated into 36 different languages. The site also implements a point system to motivate its user to do more worksheets, watch more videos, and LEARN MORE. A completely free website that upholds its reputation, AND drives its users to continue learning? Sign me up.


Every student that’s had to read a book for English class has gone on SparkNotes. Whether you missed a reading deadline or you didn’t understand the novel, you read the SparkNotes on it to make sure you still survived the novel test. Well, the creators of SparkNotes have ceased new creation on the resource, and have created an entirely new successor aptly named Lit Charts. Lit Charts is an updated version of many literary analysis resources, but with a twist. The information explained is split up into bullet style points for easier comprehension and incorporates features that no other site has, including sortable quotes and data visualization.

Lit Charts will also inform any student about themes, symbols, and motifs, as well as give a chapter by chapter analysis about any publication you choose. And if you fail to find your novel in its wide variety of selections, you can even request that it be implemented into the website! Lit Charts is a simple, updated version of the beloved SparkNotes, and its high-quality information can help any struggling reader.


The name pretty much explains itself. This website was created by two former university professors to help students of all levels learn the best way to study based on their personal needs. Anyone can take a multitude of aptitude tests to discover their learning style (auditory, visual, etc.), level of motivation, ways to prevent your procrastination, and an assessment on self-esteem. The website also offers study skill curriculums to help any student in need, and articles on the best ways to study for specific subjects. You can learn how to study your way instead of learning to study the way that works for the majority of people, and that is what makes so popular and innovative.


Ever wanted to know how a Harvard student thinks and works? Well, now you can! is a website filled with study guides written and edited by Harvard students. They have sections over college application essays, lesson plans, textbook answers and more! The site is mostly based on the English subject and novel guides but is very helpful for those looking for a “Harvard insight” on things. The resource has overwhelmingly positive reviews, including one that states, “This website is fantastic! It is simple but provides so much information! I am about to sit for my English A-level, and I feel so much more confident after using your site.” Who knows, maybe using this site could get you into Harvard!


With the slogan “Study less, remember more.”, who couldn’t resist using this free flashcard site? It operates much like well-known flashcard sites such as Quizlet but has many more features. While you study with either self-created or chosen from the public catalog cards, Cramberry analyzes which cards the user is struggling with and doing well with. It will then focus in on the cards that need to be studied more. The site is mostly free, but if you’d like to experience “unlimited studying”, Cramberry Pro is available for $9 a year, and a free account does come with a two week trial of the Pro version. If you’d like to experience a flashcard resource with an individualized aid, Cramberry is the right site for you.


Any subject you would ever want to know about is going to be on studyguidezone’s site. Every school subject under the sun, study guides for standardized tests, even prep for the military can be found all under one resource. They even have tips on test anxiety, tips for adult learners, motivation, cramming and more. And there’s no fine print or “Pro” version, it is all 100% free for anyone to use.


Created by a math professor at Lamar University, Paul’s Online Math Notes are detailed guides on Algebra, Calculus 1 through 3, Differential Equations, and much more. He also includes many reviews for people reading and studying certain subjects, tips on how to study math, and cheat sheets for numerous classes. Also, if you are looking for a specific component of a course, Paul has created a course layout to show every component of the curriculum. And the best part is, most of his notes can be downloaded into pdf format! Paul’s Online Math Notes are a must for those looking to study math, the right way.

I sincerely hope that at least one of these amazing resources aid you in the coming school year. Studying can be very difficult, but with the guidance of these free websites, it doesn’t have to be. Everyone deserves to learn to their full capacity, and these publications are in existence to aid us with that. So go out there, study to your heart’s content with the help of these websites, and kick this school year’s butt (because I know you can do it)!

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Maddie Loy is a current senior at a high school in Garland, Texas. She enjoys participating in theatre, drill team, and journalism on her own time. She plans to pursue a degree in directing theatre and a degree in journalism. She also wants to let you all know that IB stresses her out on the daily and that IB is a scam.

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