Texas Excludes Abortions from Insurance Plans

On August 15. , Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed a bill that would limit abortion coverage on insurance plans. Under House Bill 214, the only exception for an abortion is if there is a medical emergency; any other justification for an abortion, such as incest, rape, or fetal abnormalities, couldn’t be used. If a woman wishes to have abortion coverage, she will be forced to pay for an insurance premium independent from their insurance plan. Gov. Greg Abbott explains that now “no Texan is ever required to pay for a procedure that ends the life of an unborn child,”.

It’s to be expected that Texas would pass a pro-life bill.  Texas has been established as a Republican-majority state for many years.  It’s Texas culture to have more conservative views, especially when it comes to abortion and women’s rights. According to a project conducted by the Univesity of Texas in Austin, 42% of Texans are pro-life and 40% are pro-choice.

Over the years, many of the bills that have passed through the Texas government has implications that could hinder a woman’s access to a safe abortion. In 2011, Texas passed a bill that orders a woman to get an ultrasound 24 before her abortion.  As well, the state passed the “Women’s Right To Know” law, which forces physicians to talk about medical information on the dangers of abortion, the stages of the fetus, and adoption alternatives 24 prior to the abortion. One of the most recent bills implements an I.D. check before an abortion can be carried out. So until you show your physician your license or passport, you will be considered a minor and will not receive an abortion.

So, how will House Bill 214 impact women who are looking to get an abortion?  More women are going to have to hand over more money to their insurance companies to receive coverage, which may not be an option for every woman. Some people believe denying abortion coverage seals off choices every expecting woman should have. Other people believe that it saves pro-life supporters from paying for a procedure that they don’t believe in. But, who’s choice matters more?



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