Affinity Magazine Celebrates 4 Years

Since the creation of Affinity Magazine in 2013, we knew we wanted to be a different type of news outlet. I think in these past 4 years we have achieved that, we are an alternative news outlet ran entirely by teens. Last weekend we hosted our rooftop party to celebrate 4 years of Affinity Magazine.


We welcomed new readers, old readers and anyone else who wanted to come celebrate with us! When I started this publication at 16, I never expected that it would have this much impact. So much impact that I get death threats in the form of emails and comments. It’s interesting to see so many people bothered by the words of teenagers.

We had a great time at the celebration! We are hoping for 4 more years of Affinity — or beyond! We even had our own Snapchat filter!

Photos taken by Ralph Jones Leon Funchess       

Photo patterns by Will Bryant 



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Evelyn V. Woodsen
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Evelyn Atieno is a sometimes journalist who enjoys binge watching Gossip Girl every other month. She has been featured in MTV,Business Insider, Huffington Post and The Baltimore Sun

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