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Saying Goodbye to Affinity—What It Has Taught Me As A Content Creator

I will go down as the voice of this generation, of this decade. I will be the loudest voice. -Kanye West

For those close to me, they know how excited I was when I found out I had gotten accepted as a content creator for Affinity. I remember exactly where I was when I first applied and exactly what I was doing when I decided I wanted to apply. I was extremely nervous because I wasn’t a writer, I wasn’t even in the journalism program but I figured it’d be a great way to network and establish my online presence.

Writing for this publication has offered me so many opportunities and experiences. As cheesy and basic as it sounds, Affinity really opened many doors for me. It gave me the confidence to believe in my ability to write professionally and actually apply to different publications or jobs. From opportunities working for the Canadian government to writing for paid Canadian publications, as well as starting my own website for my city, it’s all thanks to Affinity! Additionally, my grammar and writing improved significantly and I was able to learn about social justice, world politics, and other people’s realities by working here.

Unfortunately, I turn 21 very soon, meaning I’ll be too old to write here, and I have too much on my plate to continue writing for the publication. With that being said, I’d like to thank Evelyn Atieno for all her hard work and her dedication to the magazine. Perhaps one of the realest and most straight up people I’ve met, anyone would be lucky to have her as their boss. A big portion of where I am in my career, what I’ve learned, and how I’m able to apply to my experiences are all thanks to her. Although Affinity has had its’ fair share of haters and people looking down on us for being teenagers writing about “adult affairs”, Evelyn has held it down and kept all of our best interests at heart. She’s also very stan-able and has one of my favourite Instagram pages (Just saying!)

For my A**** girls, I’ll love and remember you forever! I don’t think I would’ve made it as far as I did in my writing career without you. You are the backbone to Affinity, as well as its’ future. I know for a fact that whether or not you decide to keep writing for Affinity, you will go far in your careers and in your lives. You’re doing so much good for the world and I can’t wait to see what you accomplish.

To everyone else at Affinity and anyone else who considers applying, don’t take it for granted! The experiences you gain and the lessons you learn will impact your life in so many ways, mainly for the better. Regardless of the field you’re in, if you love writing and learning about our world today, Affinity is the place for you!

With that being said, I hope my articles continue to be read and enjoyed by teenagers around the world. I am confident that the work being done by the intelligent and extremely talented writers at Affinity will have an amazing impact on the world. To the haters, I hope you find happiness.

Sealnation out!

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Fatima Alvarenga
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Fatima is an undergraduate student in Ottawa, Canada. Currently enrolled in communications and media studies, she aims to work for a major media company upon graduating. She adores KimYe and considers herself a stan! Find her on Twitter: @sealnationn

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