So you can’t find your place in this world.

Turns out, neither can I.

It’s unfortunate that our lives aren’t like Disney movies, and the hard parts don’t just simply fast forward in a montage. The princesses only had to find their Prince Charming. But in this day and age, we can find our prince… and still have to make our own happily ever after regardless, with a college degree, financially-stable job, and affordable living arrangements.

Turns out, it sucks.

And you can’t find a major that fits to your personality, but the alternative: not going to college at all, seems so much worse.

In all actuality, I have been working since I legally could, at 16 years old. And at first, I was just happy to make my own paycheck. But then, the customers became more difficult, the co-workers became insufferable, and the job itself began to suck, all while juggling high school and a social life AND REALLY, YOU JUST WANT TO CRY.

And it becomes overwhelming.

School. Work. Relationships.


And you kinda just wanna curl up and never come out of your cave again.

And you really just start to doubt yourself, your future, and any kind of career you might want to pursue.

So here are 5 tips to unwinding, when you are feeling overwhelmed about the future. There is no way of knowing what lies ahead, but taking some time away from your problems can always help.


Enroll in a local yoga class! Though it might be considered cliche,  yoga is a great activity to get you physically stimulated and relaxed simultaneously.


Let off some steam. Even if running isn’t your thing, running is a great stress-relief. The physical exertion helps to keep you focused on the task at hand, and distracted from your problems.

Watching a movie

Sometimes, you just need to watch a Christmas movie in September. Because what’s happier than Christmas movies?


Probably the most effective: hiding under your blankets and taking a nap. Sleep is the best stress-reliever, and best at forgetting about your problems.

Running Away From Your Problems

Though this is not the most advisable, as we have the unpleasant status of being teenagers, I  think we are allowed to screw up a couple times, and quite simply: run away. Close your mind to whatever is stressing you out, escape to go hiking in the mountains for a weekend, go to an amusement park, take a trip to the beach, the city, Canada. Whatever it takes to allow you to breathe again.


As the school year begins again, and we are heavily overwhelmed with the looming burden of homework, jobs, and classes, it is always good to remember that we are still kids, still growing, and still have a lot to learn. And with that, I believe we still have plenty of room to make stupid mistakes as well.

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