Stop Twisting Feminism to Fit a Negative Image

“Feminism is about giving women choice. Feminism is not a stick with which to beat other women with. It’s about freedom. It’s about liberation. It’s about equality.” Emma Watson spoke passionately in an interview for the movie “Beauty and the Beast” when she was asked about being accused of being a fake feminist for posting on a Vanity Fair cover that exposed her breasts. One thing I’ve learned from being a feminist is that many people twist it into something it’s not. In this case, the media was trying to make feminism a movement in which you’re anti-feminism if you show your body. Emma Watson ended that quickly after she was asked about the accusation in an interview.

I’ve been accused of the same thing for supporting a stay at home mom. I was speaking about how being a stay at home mom is a job that doesn’t pay when I was asked, “Well you’re always talking about feminism, but if you support women who don’t work that means you’re not a feminist.” I was taken aback by the very ignorant allegation against me. If you’re a feminist you support your fellow sisters, regardless of what they wear, their occupation, race, sexuality, etc., anyone educated on the movement would know this. As women, people attempt to tie us down, but feminism gives us the power to break free from the bondage that’s keeping us back. Now that people see us gaining strength they try to destroy the thing that is generating our power by changing feminism into something it’s not. It’s up to us to stop these false rumors of what feminism really is.

Don’t let sexism demolish what we know is right.

You are not a feminist if you put down women for making their own life choices. By putting others down, it makes people believe they have the right to put you down. Once we all accept one another, women will be free to be who they want without fear. It’s not going to happen over night, but gradually we can work towards liberation for all women. Next time you look at a girls outfit and think, “She looks so trashy in those clothes,” correct yourself. Think, “She can wear what she wants, she can make her own decisions. It won’t cost me anything to accept that and to let her do what she wants.” It seems that’s the way we should already be thinking, but we haven’t been taught that way. It’s up to us to spread the importance of respecting women enough to let them make their own choices without being judged. We have to teach ourselves and others, it the only way our daughters will live in a world where they are free and don’t have to worry about being called a slut if they’re belly button is showing. It won’t hurt to let women control their own lives, so why are we so afraid to do so?



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