Canada Is Potentially at Risk of a Missile Attack and We Won’t Be Defended By the U.S.

Modern U.S. policy dictates that Canada would not be protected by the United States if there were to be a missile attack by North Korea.

“We’re being told in Colorado Springs that the extant U.S. policy is not to defend Canada.” – Lt.Gen Pierre St-Amand

St-Amand said that during a House of Commons defense committee, making sure that Canada is prepared for nuclear attacks. Of course, there’s no definite proof that North Korea even has their nuclear, ballistic, completely serviceable missiles, as they claim to, but they do have biological and chemical weapons, although they’re unable to target Canada, America or Mexico with those.

The righteous members were, unexpectedly, at a loss for words as the Lieutenant-General gave his testimony at the meeting on Thursday.

“The threat from North Korea is real,” says Mark Gwozdosky, assistant deputy minister To Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development.

Kim Jong-un is refusing to talk and his intentions seem sketchy, but Gwozdosky believes that Canada is in the “pre-negotiating” phase. This has struck fear that Canada could be caught up between the unsavory relationship between the United States and North Korea.

As for Canadian-North Korean relationship, Canada lives in fear of being attacked by North Korea, while North Korea believes Canada to be a “peaceful” and “friendly” country. It is unlikely that North Korea would launch missiles at Canada on purpose, although the threats made to our neighboring country may be dangerous to us as well because we don’t know the accuracy of these missiles, if they actually own them.

In return, the Canadian Government website urges its citizens to avoid travels to North Korea at all costs, due to the highly repressive regime of Kim Jong-un and the nuclear weapons development program.

North Korea has stated that they will “reduce the U.S. to ashes” and “sink Japan into the sea,” which point towards other nuclear testing and more lives put in danger.

What does President Donald Trump have to say?

He believes that “it would be great” if the North Korea problem could be solved without military action. Military action is no longer his first choice, although he has promised in the past that North Korea would be faced with “fire and fury” if it even threatened the United States.

In case of a nuclear attack, here are some tips:

  • Stock up on non-perishable foods such as rice, wheat, beans, sugar, honey and oats.
  • If you hear an explosion, don’t go to the window to see what it was.
  • Have a bunker or stay off high ground.
  • Keep inside.
  • Plan in advance.
  • Batteries and radios are important, stock up on those as well.
  • Be able to contact others.
  • Keep loads of bottled waters.

Although nobody is very likely to die, it’s important to keep your safety first.



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