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Everything Wrong With Mayweather’s Latest Interview

I won’t lie, I felt kind of childish when I found myself rolling my eyes at any mention of Floyd Mayweather. His cocky persona, rumors of him paying to win fights, and his style of fighting in the ring just made me not like him. But now, I have a justifiable reason to really not like him: he’s a woman beater and associates with Trump.

When I saw Complex tweet out an article with the title “Floyd Mayweather Calls Trump a ‘Real Man’ for P*ssy-Grabbing Comments”, I felt compelled to read it.

Hollywood Unlocked published an interview with Mayweather where he says a list of ignorant things. The ones that caught my attention the most were those having to do with Trump given that the photo of Floyd, Trump and Trump Jr. was floating around Twitter a lot.

The author of the Complex article transcribed a few of the shocking things Floyd said. While I was reading, I realized how truly problematic he is so I thought I’d share why.

Floyd says that he communicates with Trump so that he can see first hand what is “going on so that [he] can come back and relay the message to everyone else.” That is such a bad excuse. As if Trump doesn’t publicly out himself of national television every other day, showing his true colors. What does Floyd need to find out when everyone else can clearly see the type of man Trump is?

Floyd says he isn’t friends with Trump but he also says he directly calls him to his phone. I don’t know about that. If you don’t have to go through “his people” and can call him directly, I’d say that’s considered friends.  

No one ever talked about Trump being racist until he ran for president, according to Floyd. Weather that is true or not, I don’t know since I never even knew who he was until he ran for president, but that is not the point. Weather he was called out before or not shouldn’t matter. What matters is what he has said and done now, especially as our new president. So for Floyd to have the “he got away with it before, why not now?” mentality is sickening, especially as a person of color.

While some might say my last statement is a “reach” there’s no denying that Floyd straight out defended Trump’s p*ssy-grabbing statements. Floyd says it locker room talk so there’s no problem. He literally said, “…So he talking locker room talk… ‘Yeah I grabbed her by the p*ssy. And?’” I don’t even have to explain why that is wrong. Frankly, it doesn’t surprise me coming from a man who has a history of domestic abuse.

When asked if Trump should be held to a higher standard while running for president, Floyd says that if we didn’t want him in office that we should have not voted for him. The thing is, Floyd, we didn’t vote for him. He lost the popular vote, yet he’s still president.

Floyd also said that regular people are not really affected by Trump being in office, instead only rich folks who have to pay thousands and thousands in taxes are affected. He gives advice and says that instead of protesting Trump, we should come up with a business plan. Finally, he says that immigrants who claim to love their country should just go back because they’re taking up space for others.

To see a more detailed account and other things he had to say, check out Complex’s article.

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