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Betsy DeVos Just Reversed a Policy That Could Hurt Millions of College Students

Every policy-making decision taken or announced by any member of the Trump regime seems to be indicative of us as a society taking 100 steps back into a dark and recessive past. A past where women were are stupid and just emotionally unbalanced by nature, where a racist is a cool thing to be, where the state of our planet doesn’t matter, and where the economy isn’t constantly on the brink of a recession

Now added to the new list of ridiculous policies is a move rescinding a guideline put in place by the Obama administration that had been put in place to protect victims of sexual assault by the Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos.

Her defense? It denied proper due process to those accused and ‘‘lacked basic elements of fairness.’’

Due process? The last thing we need for victims of sexual assault is further proof of a failing justice system. Where the women who experienced assault are put on trial more than the defendants themselves. Where they are interrogated and judged for how much they were drinking, the height of their hemlines, or their sexual history.

As for ‘fairness’, the head of the department of education is run by a woman who has never attended a public school in her life and weaseled her way into politics by rubbing elbows with the biggest spoiled narcissist that has ever existed. She is now making policies that affect millions of students around the country. She just reversed Title IX, and in doing so, she just reversed years of progress made to combat sexual assault on college campuses.  

This decision made by a bogus administration is putting the lives of thousands of young people at risk. Betsy DeVos a puppet for the president notorious for ‘grabbing women by the p*ssies’ is -like most things when it comes to this administration- disappointing but sadly, hardly surprising at all

Not surprisingly, the only people coming to her defense are conservative-leaning organizations run by men. The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, (I’ll admit it’s cleverly named, as it then becomes shortened to FIRE) are all for this new policy. “The campus justice system was and is broken, With the end of this destructive policy, we finally have the opportunity to get it right, ” said Robert Shibley, FIRE’s executive director.

Do not be fooled, though. Several people are definitely not happy with this decision. Bernie Sanders and Kirsten Gillibrand were very vocal about their disapproval of this decision.

“This is a disgrace and a disservice to everyone who has worked to address sexual violence. Congress must act to undo this terrible decision,” tweeted Sanders.

Gillibrand, The New York Senator, also tweeted, “Shameful. This decision will hurt and betray students, plain and simple.”

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