Do You Have Upper-Class Privilege?

I belong to the working class in society. My mom does not work and my dad is a nurse. Most people I know fall into this category. There is a great class divide between working and middle class. Being a person of color, your class is even lower. Two people can be lawyers, one white and one black. The white person will be apart of upper-middle class while the black person would be apart of lower-middle class simply because of the difference in skin color. It is difficult for black people to climb up the ladder in class.

There are often times were gentrification occurs and middle-class people arrive into a working or lower class environment. They try to change the community and culture. Rent prices go up and before you know it, the people who originally lived in the community can not even afford to live in their homes anymore and are forced to leave.

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The new-comers are pleased with the results but the people who have lived here for years find themselves economically and socially marginalized. This is a social problem where the sub-group is pushed away and their problems and needs are ignored. People, including myself, who are not part of the upper class or upper-middle class often experience social exclusion. We are put into a powerless place within society. We are restrained from resources and services. We can no longer develop and grow.

If you are born into a lower status class, you are born with shackles on.

There are so many obstacles that have to be overcome and trials that have to be fought before these shackles are loosened. Meanwhile someone who is born into a family that is upper class has a key to unlock all doors. Lower classes have to struggle to get by with the limited resources that they are given while higher classes steal resources from the lower class. The gap is widening between the upper classes and lower classes. One of the biggest reasons why is money. Although lower, working and lower-middle class make up the majority of this country’s population, they get less money joined,than upper class and upper-middle class. People with upper class status already have money, yet they are continually granted more

Why is it that people who already have money are granted more while people who do not make as much money and do not have enough resources have to struggle with the minimal resources they have?

The people who really need the money have to share the little that they are given and are forced to barely survive off of their incomes. We stay where we are while the upper class continues to grow and rise on the social chain.



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