Now let me guess, you’re reading the title and thinking I somehow made a mistake by putting the ‘Wo’ in front of ‘Men’, but trust me that wasn’t accidental. There’s no escaping the continuous tweets and pictures on Twitter and Instagram from men and women alike complaining about how a man has treated them and that they are therefore trash.

This so-called ‘meme’ has been around for a while, the rise in relationships being shared publicly has allowed their subsequent fragmentation to be shared the same way to the point that I can’t scroll down my twitter feed without reading a story from a heartbroken individual with the words men are trash.

And it’s true they are.  It can’t be denied that the way some men treat women is simply disgusting from cheating to continuously tearing down their self-esteem.

But the sad and honest truth is that women can be trash too, and they are.

If you disagree here’s an example, a boy can be talking to many girls at one time and flirt with them all, stringing them along and he would be seen as a ‘fuckboy’ and therefore falls into trash category, but if a girl was to do the same thing she would be seen to just be trying to find the right guy for her.

No. she’s trash, the moment you emotionally, physically, etc wound another individual relationship or not, you fall into the trash category. (and yes the previous example is valid because it is a person I know and despite my complete disgust of the way she treats these boys, she finds it funny)

As a female myself I feel as though it is my job to tell one of my girlfriends when what she is doing just isn’t okay, the same way I would want my friend’s boyfriend’s friends to tell him if he isn’t treating his girlfriend correctly.

It’s frustrating to see boys upset about their relationship because of the way they are being treated but even more heartbreaking when he feels he can’t say anything about it because he risks being called a wimp or not standing up to his girlfriend.

Let me put it plainly: physical abuse is not the only kind of abuse that exists.

There are some boys as young as sixteen who I know have been involved in emotionally abusive relationships. It’s hard at times to be in that position and be able to recognise that something so horrible is happening because, after a while, boys will start to confuse this with being okay and normal when it clearly is not.

My point was reinforced when I was searching for an image to use as a title picture; simply typing the words ’emotional abuse’ into google images and there is not one picture that depicts a man being abused by a woman.

And the issue does not stop when the relationship finishes as many times this will impact subsequent relationships they have and that is 100% not okay.

You have a responsibility to treat other people the right way. If you think it is amusing or normal to string people along or hurt people you’re in a relationship in, then you’re not ready for a relationship and I’m sorry, but you join my list as some of the worst types of people.

From now on re-evaluate the way you treat your friends, girlfriend/ boyfriend/partner, husband, wife whatever and just think: If I was them, would I appreciate the way I am being treated?

If that’s a no, you’ve got a massive change to make.

Yes, men can be trash, but women can be trash too.

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