Tensions at Neo-Nazi Gathering in Sweden

According to Reuters, the extremist right-wing group known as the NMR, or Nordic Resistance Movement, hosted a gathering that resulted in clashing between Neo-nazis and the police. 

The march occurred in the city of Gothenburg in Sweden and many people were present to show support for the NMR. However, many counter-protesters also showed up. A good amount of NMR supporters that attended were wearing shields and helmets.

Tension broke out at the gathering between the NMR and the Swedish police.

Ultimately, Swedish police arrested over 30 people. Two people were hurt, including an officer.

According to BBC, Nazi membership in Sweden is not against the law. In addition, the NMR had permission from the police of Sweden to march in Gothenberg. However, the permit for the NMR ended at 3 p.m. on that day.

Swedish police had been expecting violence at the march and were thus prepared by bringing in reinforcements, as well as having an extra 350 jail spaces ready.

Going back to Reuters’ article, three ex-members of the NMR were put into jail recently due to attacks that were aimed at immigrants, as well as those whom they disagree with politically. It is important to note that the NMR has a dangerously hostile attitude towards immigrants and immigration in Sweden. This attitude was not only apparent in the attacks, but also during the march, when NMR members blamed the high amount of immigrants in Sweden on politicians.



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