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5 Ways You Can Help in Light of the Las Vegas Shooting

In the wake of the Las Vegas Shooting, many will be or already are sending their love or prayers to the victims and their loved ones. While that is a great gesture, it doesn’t actually do anything. What will help, though, is to become active and do what you can to help the victims.

Donate to the Victims

Over 515 people were injured in Las Vegas. Many of them have opened GoFundMe’s or other crowdfunding programs to help with surgery, memorial, and other costs. This is a direct way to send help to the people who need it. YouTuber Casey Neistat has started a fund titled “Love Army for Las Vegas” to send support to the victims. Always remember to donate to trusted people so that people get the help they need.

Help Change Gun Control Laws

Contact your representative through fax, email, mail, phone, etc. Change will not happen unless we take it to Washington. Stricter gun regulations will literally save thousands of lives in the United States alone. To be completely clear, your second amendment rights are always protected. Gun control laws that would be effective entail more thorough background checks for people wanting to acquire a firearm and a longer waiting period.

Educate Yourself

Misinformation surrounding big tragedies is rampant. Get your news from trusted sources and back-up information from several news sites. Only spread news that is true.

Donate Blood

The injured after huge tragedies such as in Orlando last year needed sizable blood donations. If you’re in the area and healthy and able to help, please do so. It can save many lives! People are already doing so in Las Vegas. The American Red Cross and the United Blood Services are setting up centers to receive and donate blood throughout Nevada.

Condemn the Shooter

Stephen Paddock is a murderer and a terrorist. It is of the utmost importance to treat him as such. He needs to be tried to the full extent of the law without excuses or exceptions.

Dealing with tragedy is not easy. What makes a difference is the collective activism of people in the wake of it.

Featured Image: NY Times

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