The Las Vegas Shooter Was a White Man, But Somehow Black People Were Still Blamed

Just when the news about the Las Vegas shooting couldn’t get any worse, Fox News has a new person (besides the white terrorist who is responsible) to blame. And it’s black people. A witness on Fox News spoke about the first responders who courageously attempted to save the concertgoers and stated, “In a world where everyone is kneeling, I saw hundreds of people standing up and running toward the danger.”

Even though the shooter has been proven to be Stephen Paddock, 64 and a white male, it somehow has still been tied back to black people kneeling with the NFL protests. The NFL protests were to protest equal rights and equality for black people and the shooting was a terrorist attack with no clear explanation. Two unrelated incidents are being brought together, while there is currently a death toll of 59 people and over 500 people currently injured.

The last thing that is needed in a tragic situation such as this is for black people to be undermined for no reason, distracting from the real point here which is the political talk that should be happening about gun control.



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