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If You Call Yourself A Feminist And Aren’t Sex-Possitive, You Aren’t A Feminist

Feminism, by definition, is “the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes.” Fellow feminists, this means all of women’s rights. This means women of color, sex-workers, transgender women and queer women.

This means that all women should be entitled to equality. So why do some feminists slut shame porn stars? Reject sex-workers? Degrade strippers? There is an influence that sex means oppression.

Sex-positive feminism supports women being entitled to their own choices. These choices may be becoming an escort, porn star, dominatrix or even sleeping with whomever she wants, whenever she wants. Slut-shaming is not a part of feminism. Having lots of sex does not mean that a woman is allowing people to take advantage of her body. Enjoying sexual liberation is not equal to lacking dignity. Casual sex is not something to be ashamed of, yet women are degraded and shamed for body count, when men are congratulated and applauded. And worse, some women who slut shame have the nerve to call themselves a feminist. That is exactly what feminism is protesting, the fact that women are treated differently for their choices because society expects them to be “modest.” We can be sexy and modest, thank you. Those still slut-shaming and degrading sexually liberated women are just reinforcing this stigma, and backtracking the feminist movement. If women are doinng what they want and still getting demeaned, then what progress is happening?

Yes, porn, prostitution and stripping can be degrading on occasion, and sometimes the women inn these lines of work don’t want to be there. But instead of boycotting all sex-work, we need to let women know that we support them and will not discriminate if they are struggling. If self-proclaimed feminists are hostile to sex-workers, they are not feminists.

I’m tired of seeing women proudly call themselves feminists, then call strippers whores. I’m tired of seeing women fight for equal rights, then degrade porn stars. I’m tired of seeing women not supporting all women!

It’s not just about liberation, it’s about consent. If the act is 100% consenting on both ends, then it’s liberation. Supporting casual sex does not mean you support sexual assault or objectification. It means you support women being in control of their own bodies. If you don’t want to have casual sex, then that is totally okay. Being sex-positive means supporting whatever sex-life a woman chooses to have, without negative judgement. A woman should be in control of her own choices, and if all feminists support women on every decision they make sexually, then we will continue you to tackle the oppression and discrimination that women face when they partake in sexual activities. We’re here to ensure that every woman is safe and free.

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