Trump and his administration want to get rid of Obama’s Clean Power Plan, which worked to fight against climate change in order to preserve the environment and did so by monitoring greenhouse gas emissions from power plants and setting carbon standards.

Even though the Clean Power Plan did all in its power to improve air quality, Trump stated that it was a “crushing attack on American industry.

Trump also spoke to a crowd in Alabama and commented on the issue, “Did you see what I did to that? Boom, gone.

Repealing the Clean Power Plan means that Trump’s administration would need to propose a new process but that could take years. On top of that, it could spark up legal issues with certain environmental groups and could create many disputes with politicians who disagree with the E.P.A’s (Environmental Protection Agency) regulation of greenhouse gases.

Obama’s plan had an end goal of reducing CO2 emissions 32 percent below those of 2005 and encouraged states to make their own reduction plans. This regulation was crucial to transforming the U.S. and allowed the nation to carry out ideas of the Paris agreement.

Unsurprisingly, Trump plans to withdraw from the agreement and mentioned that the reduction was a “job-killing regulation”.

Why is Trump doing all of this despite how beneficial these regulations are for our country and how troublesome it would be to end it?

Over the years Trump has made several remarks about climate change, calling it a “con, “hoax”, and “bull—-”. He has tweeted time and time again about his doubts and even went as far as blaming China for making it all up.

Let’s not forget this treat:

Or this:

Others believe that it has become Trump’s obsession to get rid of Obama’s legacy and trash away anything with his name on it.

Russell Riley, a presidential historian at the University of Virginia’s Miller Center, said, “I’ve reflected back and simply cannot find another instance in American history where a new administration was so wholly committed to reversing the accomplishments of its predecessor.”

Regardless, the U.S. should enforce rules and do everything it can to creating a safer and more breathable environment for its citizens and future inhabitants.

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