EU Has Reportedly Increased Brexit Talks With Labour

In a study by ORB International, almost two thirds of people disagree with Theresa May’s Government’s Brexit negotiations. May has repeatedly been called to resign since she lost the conservative majority in the general election in June 2017 and this has been heightened this week with reports that more than 30 Tory MPs want her to resign.

In addition to that, the E.U.-Brexit negotiators have reportedly increased talks with the Labour party amid concerns that the Tory government will collapse when Britain leaves the E.U. The discussions have marked an apparent “change of tone” towards the Labour party and Jeremy Corbyn, with Brussels seeking assurance that Corbyn would honor the Brexit agreements made with the Conservative party if he should come to power.

This follows Labour holding “very frank” talks with the chief E.U. negotiator in July, lasting more than two hours.

Corbyn has already made bold claims that Labour is a “government in waiting” and that the party was ready to “take up the responsibility for Brexit negotiations.”

The extra support for May has done little to dispel rumors that her run as Prime Minister may be short lived. The latest poll of who would make a better PM saw Corbyn creeping up on May’s lead in wake of the Conservative party conference in Manchester. The YouGov poll found that she was still preferred to Corbyn, but by only 36 per cent to his 33 per cent.



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