Here’s What We Know About The Natural History Museum Attack in London

A car struck pedestrians on Saturday morning outside of the Natural History Museum in London. Several people have been injured, but there have been no fatalities. The Met Police have told CBS news that they don’t know if this incident is terror-related or not. Police are still working to find a motive for this incident.

Katie Craine, a witness at the scene told the AP “He looked really proud of himself…He was laughing.” A witness has also told the BBC that “tables knocked over at restaurants. People were screaming. And it was quite a scene at that stage…Panic rippled across the crowd. And it was busy, people were having to struggle to get out of there,” the witness said.

London mayor Sadiq Khan has said, “Details are still emerging and I have spoken with and am in close contact with assistant Met commissioner Mark Rowley [head of UK counter-terrorism policing] and our other emergency services.”

Police have told shops in the area to evacuate, they have also closed down some roads around the affected area. South Kensington underground station has also been closed.

“I was serving some customers when the police came and just told everyone to run,” said a waitress from a restaurant on Exhibition Road

Pictures of a man bleeding and being arrested at the scene have surfaced the Internet, although police urge that nothing is confirmed yet.



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