#NewTrumpTwitterBio Trends To Speculate Trump’s New Bio Should Be

#NewTrumpTwitterBio is just the latest Trump-related Twitter trend. Twitter has been Mr. Trump’s voice throughout the both the Presidential election and his Presidency — his preferred method of communication with the public as evidenced by the almost 500 tweets posted on his personal account during the first 100 days of Mr. Trump’s Presidency.  As Bournemouth University’s political communications professor Dr. Darren Lilleker told The Independent, “Previous presidents would perhaps go to a press briefing, make a serious, measured statement – with Trump it’s 140 characters and that’s it.”

His tweets have instigated fierce action on Twitter from society with the introduction of tags such as #TrumpIsAMoron, #TrumpRussia, and #trumpregret. This week’s trending Trump tag continues to build up the social media fervor that has consumed the public since the beginning of the presidential race.

Just this week, the Twitter community was treated with more of the President’s views on Obamacare and his accusations of “Fake News” after NBC reported “Tillerson’s Fury at Trump Required an Intervention From Pence”, amid dozens of Mr. Trump’s tweets.

The public has responded with #NewTrumpTwitterBio: a trend that features posts on Mr. Trump — who he really is — in their eyes. 

Some of the most notable tweets featured under this tag include commentaries on Mr. Trump’s view on immigration, healthcare, and fake news.  

Analyses of Mr. Trump continue to stream through on Twitter using this new tag, creating his entire biography on social media for years to come. The public has managed to incorporate all of Mr. Trump’s most characteristic traits and quotes into a makeshift “Trump 101” that they have utilized to voice their opinions on his Presidency. His own response is yet come.



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