Misdeeds Against the Shia Community in Pakistan Continue In the Form of “Legal Abductions”

The media has been unaware of the continued oppression faced by the Shia community in Pakistan for decades. One after other, Wahhabist terrorist organizations have risen up in the country massacring men, women and kids with the slogan of “Shia Kaafir“. (Shias are pagans.)

There is an entire history of bloodshed experienced by the Shias of Pakistan in utmost pain. Their religious processions have been bombed, their abodes burnt, their men killed and their women subjected to assaults.

But if we talk about the recent state involvement, more than a hundred Shia men have been “legally abducted” by the state agencies without the description of any crimes they may have committed.

When I say that, I mean arrested secretly without a warrant and shifted to an unknown location. How on earth is this fair?

This is clearly not anywhere in the law of Pakistan and those who arrested these people must know more about the law than I ever will.

[caption id="attachment_104374" align="aligncenter" width="312"] Shia protests on illegal arrests, signboards titled ‘Am I next?’[/caption]

Among those arrested are also some who have been missing for two or three years. While Pakistanis have launched peaceful campaigns demanding their freedom or bringing them to court, the government continues to pay a deaf ear to it.

Protests are being carried out by Muslims out of Pakistan, in Canada, Australia and U.S. Recently, a social media campaign has been launched by the both Shia and Sunni communities of Pakistan for the recovery of these “missing” individuals, to e-mail the armed forces and government officials, but nothing is as effective as to make the Pakistani government take actions.

If we just remove the “Shia” and the “Muslim” from the suffering people, what’s left behind is just human. Sitting here, writing this post, I’m thinking when in history mankind became cruel enough to see crimes like these committed against fellow humans and chose to remain silent about it.



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