Norway’s Female Football Athletes To Receive Same Pay as Male Athletes

According to BBC, the amount of pay that female football athletes have been receiving in Norway will nearly double from what it originally was. This means that both female and male football athletes in Norway will be paid the same amount for their activities.

Part of the raise comes from the money that is gained for male Norwegian athletes from commercial activities.

According to the Independent, the men’s football team have agreed to take a pay deduction in order to add to the pay for the women’s team.

It is also important to note that although the women’s team used to receive less than the men’s team in terms of money, the women’s team played better internationally.

This is a step forward for women in today’s sports community, as men are often given the upper hand. And even throughout recent history, when it comes to pay in general in the West, men are often paid more than women, even when they both perform the same tasks (not just in the sports community). It’s also significant that the men’s team were willing to help out and boost gender equality in Norway by taking the pay cut. They have set a good example for men who are willing to do their part in raising women’s positions in today’s society.



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