Muslims Are the Largest Victims of Terrorism: Over 200 Dead in Somalian Truck Bomb Attack

Somalia, a nation plagued with poverty and the rise and progression of terrorist groups, was hit with the deadliest bombing to occur in the horn of Africa in decades, on this Sunday, October 15, 2017. The attack occurred in Mogadishu, the capital, and it is suspected that the attack is the work of al-Shabaab, a Somalian terrorist group who has been threatening civilians and certain regions, especially recently when the Somalian government proposed to counter-terrorism and have joined efforts with other nations to eradicate al-Shabaab and many other local militant groups.

The attack was a suicide bombing and was carried out by a truck with many detonates and explosive bombs, that ran into a crowd, and a short while later another truck filled with explosives exploded in the Medina district of Mogadishu. Over 275 people are dead, and hundreds are severely injured, with many casualties and few doctors and hospitals to aid those who are fighting for their life. The death toll, as of now, cannot be said as many families await the news of where their loved ones may be. Many bodies are under rubble or underneath cars and various vehicles and are slowly being pulled out. As a result of the attack, the government has declared a national three days of mourning for all the victims, the families, and the country.

Many world leaders have taken to social media to condemn the attacks, and to mourn along with Somalia, and the Somalians living in their countries. Surprisingly, Donald Trump, whose most recent acknowledgment of Somalia was banning its refugees from entering the country, has not said anything publicly.

This attack is also one of many to prove that the group largely affected and targeted by terrorism and radicalism are Muslims, however, no one seems to like discussing that. In fact, the media has been pretty mum about the bombing, considering to what extent it has affected the country and the lives of so many people. Despite it being a story in progress, the one thing that is certain is that Somalia, its capital, and people have been shaken to the core.



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