University isn’t an easy thing to take grasp of. It throws bumps and bricks at you every turn and road you take. University is challenging from before you even become a fresher and it continues. Personally, I only got into my second choice of university. However, it has not changed my perception of uni or my experience. In reality, it’s only bettered it. So here are a few tips and tricks that I have learned along my path to becoming a uni student.

My most important fresher’s tip is buying pre-drinks for before going to the club, as they are cheaper than buying numerous drinks in a club.

  1. If you are close with your housemates, group together and online shop. More often, it is more convenient and cheaper.
  2. Aldi and Lidl are cheaper alternatives to the big supermarkets, especially to get the basics.
  3. Do collective washes with your housemates for things like towels and sheets, it’ll work out cheaper. Remember to use color catchers.
  4. Get multiple teachers to look over your personal statement, different perspectives have different outcomes.
  5. Don’t be afraid to shop in places like Poundland and Charity shops. Saving money anywhere you can is a great idea.
  6. Don’t be afraid to just start talking to people, I know it’s hard sometimes, but if you feel alone, just remember a lot of people are in the same position too.
  7. Remember: if you miss one lecture it isn’t the end of the world, however, catch up on the work. Email the lecture leader if you need help, they’re always open for questions.
  8. Always make sure you love your uni before choosing it, it doesn’t matter whether it is a Russell group or not. If you love the course and the area, go for it. You come before anyone else.
  9. Have fun. Sounds cheesy, but it’s all you really need to do. Find that balance between work and play. Make friends, find new places, do new things. That’s what university is all about.

University may seem hard and it definitely is, but it will be worth the stress. However, going to university isn’t for everyone, so take into consideration whether further education is for you. There are so many other opportunities out there, ask your teachers/advisors about apprenticeships, there are so many good apprenticeships out there to fit many people. Whatever you do, you must be happy with it and benefit from it.

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