Liz Smith, a Female Journalist You Should Know About Has Died

Liz Smith, known as the “Grand Dame of Dish”, died at the age of 94. She was a gossip columnist who worked for the New York Daily Times in 1976 and wrote dozens of famous works. One of her most known pieces is one discussing Donald and Ivana’s divorce, which made the front page.

Her column was known as “Liz Smith” and became a huge part of 70 different publications.

She initially started at CBS Radio working under Mike Wallace but would later go on to write for Cosmopolitan. Her witty writing in Cosmopolitan allowed her to make a name for herself and grasp the attention of many readers. One of her stories included the juicy details of the relationship between Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton.

It was her sharpness and hilarious commentary in her columns that made readers fall in love with her. She became a “legend” in the eyes of many and never failed to deliver. With her humorous tone, she was able to write for many well-known companies and work her way to the top, making herself more than memorable.

She would go on to win an Emmy in 1985 for the show “Live at Five” on WNBC that was ongoing for 11 years. Her work would become part of the culture and inspire those in her presence.

Another lovable quality about her was when she came out as bisexual in her memoir “Natural Blonde”, which she deemed as “gender neutrality”. She wrote about how she had her first experience with a woman during college, something that would stir up negativity within her religious family.

Although Liz Smith died, her remarkable spirit and honest work will live with us. She was independent and knew her place in life, characteristics that I aspire to maintain.



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