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There’s a Young Conservative To Look Out For, And It’s Not Tomi Lahren

By now if you haven’t heard of Tomi Lahren, then welcome to the internet for the first time. Lahren is an up and coming conservative political commentator that was featured on The Blaze until she came out as pro-choice (in which she was fired). Since then, Lahren has still been a prominent voice in the conservative media, becoming a contributor for Fox News, among other things. Many see her as the future of the conservative political spectrum and someone who progressive millennials need to watch out for.

I’ll admit, if reading a pre-written teleprompter and talking in an aggressive tone makes for a strong political commentator, then Tomi is good at what she does. She rattles people, enrages and motivates them with emotion, not facts. But she is in no way, shape or form the future of conservative politics. Julia Hahn is, and she is the conservative threat progressive millennials should take note of.

Who? Those were my thoughts exactly. Unlike Lahren, Julia Hahn has seemingly slipped through the cracks unnoticed to the point where she is now the deputy strategist and special assistant to President Trump.

So who is Julia Hahn? Hahn is at 26 years-old young just like Lahren. She grew up in LA and attended a private high school. She then attended the University of Chicago and Columbia Business School, receiving a philosophy degree. Following her graduation, Hahn moved to D.C. where she quickly created an impressive resume that includes:

At age 26, Hahn has already amounted the political success that many will never attain in an entire lifetime. She’s good at what she does and she understands the D.C. political game. But if her work at Breitbart is any indication of the type of person she’ll be in Washington, then we should be worried.

Hahn is unhinged and mirrors her former boss Steve Bannon closely. Her radical, right-wing ideology is what led to her success and what led to her landing a job in the Trump administration. She has already made a name for herself, and she isn’t even close to turning 30 yet.

Hahn is simply the millennial version of the current administration, and she’s already made it into the White House. As much as we look at those who pop up in our newsfeed daily such as Tomi Lahren as a threat, they aren’t. Julia Hahn is.

So as young progressives and active political voices for progressive politics in this country look towards the future, Julia Hahn needs to be on their radar. She’s successful now and she will be successful in the future, and we need to be ready for it.

Image by The Daily Beast

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Anthony Buonopane
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Anthony is a 19 year old college student attending Boston University in Boston, MA. Anthony studies political science. He is passionate about politics and activism. He also loves sports, as well as Star Wars and Marvel movies. You can follow him on Twitter: @ant_buonopane or Instagram: @abuonopane55

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