The French Influencer Jérôme Jarre Asks for YOUR Voice to Help the Rohingya

Since late August, almost 500,000 Rohingya have taken refuge in Bangladesh due to a genocide. According to Jérôme Jarre, a french influencer, “They have lived hell, they have lost their families, their house. They don’t have anything left”.

“Let’s unite our voices (…) to help the Rohingya”

This 27-year-old man, known for bringing light and helping neglected populations in need all over the world, states this, in a video he published on Twitter on Wednesday. In the video, we can see him in front of local people, explaining that he went there to talk with them to understand what has been happening, and learned that since they’ve arrived in Bangladesh, they have no rights and are progressively losing faith in humanity. He then shares his questioning about what he, and us, could do to bring light into the Rohingya’s life, to help them.

Although he is conscious of how big the issue is, Jérôme doesn’t doubt that if his followers and everyone around the world united their voices and gave them to the Rohingya, who have none, they could contribute to their recovery. He calls this project the #LoveArmyForRohingya , the love army being his supporters and, more generally, everyone helping him with his projects.

His plan of action is pretty simple, this french influencer believes every person who has a social media has an audience. It can be small or big but it is still an audience, “a voice”. He wants all of them to take part in his project, particularly the biggest influencers so that the most powerful and wealthy companies such as Google or Youtube help the refugees.

At the end of the video, he promises to remain on site to make sure that all the money raised will go directly to the needy population, providing them “a bit of comfort” through food, water or clothes.

Many YouTubers from all around the world like Squeezie (from France), Juanpa Zurita (from Mexico) or Juana Martínez (from Columbia) have already shared the information with their followers. However, the following day, Jérôme explains, in a new video, that the negotiations are slow and that still no corporation has taken a step in helping the refugees. Therefore, he requests that his followers themselves donate money in order to improve the Rohingya people’s life. He created a gofundme page, and has, to this day, raised $1,634M out of his $2M goal thanks to generous celebrities like Samir Nasri, Franck Ribéry or DJ Snake who donated respectively $100,000, $50,000 and $40,000 to the cause.

The Rohingya people still need your help. Share your voice, no matter your audience’s size, and maybe donate because even $1 matters.



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