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The Truth About The Dog Meat Industry and How You Can Help

It is estimated that in China alone, 10 million dogs and 4 million cats are  slaughtered each year for their meat. The Asian dog meat trade has been an incredibly cruel and inhumane industry for many, many years.  Animals Asia continues on to say that in most circumstances the dogs have been stolen from families or collected as strays, as well as most likely breaking limbs while being transported, in addition to being starved and severely dehydrated. These animals then await their own fate while witnessing the other victims being beaten or thrown into boiling water…alive. Dog meat in China is often eaten during the Yulin festival, an annual dog meat festival, originating in 2009, during the summer solstice. According to [GRAPHIC IMAGES IN LINK] folklore, eating the meat during the summer months brings luck and good health. Some also believe dog meat can ward off diseases and heighten men’s sexual performance.”

Roughly 2 million dogs are killed in annually in South Korea for food. In South Korea, there is a belief associated with the Boknal festival, that the consumption of dog meat will keep the consumer cool during the 3 hottest day of the summer. The South Korean dog meat industry has developed through dog-meat-farms, in addition to the “gathering” of stray dogs. This business has been estimated to be worth approximately 200 million dollars. Both China and South Korea have been found as above stated to consume both dog and cat meat, as well as Philippino city, Baguio and various African regions (link contains graphic image).

In many cases, the animals are intentionally tortured. (Dogs specifically) may be bludgened, hung, or electrocuted because of a belief that addrenaline produces tender meat. This is likely the same reason that the animals may be thrown into boiling water, as stated above. “Dogs are often electrocuted and their necks are broken- all in plain site to passers-by.”

The Soi Dog Foundation has made many strides towards ending the dog meat trade in Asia. “Soi Dog has been successful in effectively ending Thailand’sdog meat trade and is actively expanding it’s efforts to neighboirng countries where little is being done to address the issue,” says SDF. Soi Dog is also proud to say that they have been working with the Vietnam national government and Vietnam television to raise awareness about the widespread animal cruelty of the dog meat industry as well as human health risks. It is estimated that 5 million dogs are killed in Vietnam each year. The SDF is also currently working with South Korean government officials towards an eventual ban of the dog meat trade all together. “This has already led to a ban on the slaughter of dogs at Moran Market- the biggest dog meat market in Seoul. …..In China, Soi Dog has provided substantial financial assistance to activists working on the ground to rescue, medically treat, and care for hundreds of dogs saved from the country’s dog meat trade and the notorious Yulin dog meat festival.”

“A dog is a dog is the key message Soi Dog is promoting in South Korea – a challenge to the myth that ‘meat dogs’ are different to pet dogs. Some people believe that ‘meat dogs’ don’t have a soul, or the same feelings as pet dogs. They’re the same people who drive demand for dog meat.By turning public opinion against dog meat consumption and the farming of dogs, and by keeping up pressure on law-makers to make the industry illegal, we hope to see the dog meat trade in South Korea shut down for good.”

In addition to Soi Dog’s activism, the foundation also rescues stray dogs  and cats in dog meat countries as well as dogs saved from or surviving the dog meat trade.  Adopting an animal is not the only way to give to the cause however! You can also sponsor a doggie, become a shelter volunteer/flight volunteer, buy Soi Dog merchandise, donate supplies for SDF’s shelters, or even remember the animals in your will.

“Your legacy will help countless dogs like Hero, who had his legs brutally slashed with a machete and had to undergo months of intensive medical treatment as a result. Hero made an extraordinary recovery and was adopted to a wonderful family.”

The dog meat industry in Asia has been an ongoing trade for many years with no mercy for the innocent lives that at one point could have been incredibly similar to that of you and your own dog’s. The Soi Dog Foundation has made many strides towards the elimination of this business and you can, too! Please explore one of the various opportunities you are given to help these poor animals.

Sign Animal Asia’s anti-dog meat petition to stop the slaughter in China.

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17 year old Sunflower enthusiast. Aspiring Gloria Steinem.

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