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Pansexuals Erased From LGBTQIAP+ Spectrum By Pedophile Sympathizers

2017 has surely been one for the books, but sadly it is not yet over. Although we have made it to the final month, the nonsense that has become prevalent has not stopped. On Twitter, this year especially, countless debates have taken place on the daily, but none have struck me quite as profoundly as this one.

Just last week, a tweet came to the surface and I’m really not sure how to explain it, so I’ll just let you take a look:

Now, at first glance, this may seem like a joke, but if you scroll down, you will see that she has created a miniature thread explaining her stance on this subject which leads me to believe that she could not be more serious.

Let’s start with the obvious issue: her comparison of homosexuality to pedophilia. She seems to believe that being romantically and sexually attracted to someone who is the same gender as you is at the same level as being sexually attracted to a young child unaware of advances being made on them. Why somebody would go so low as to make this assumption is beyond me, but others on Twitter were not happy about it.

Furthermore, her action of defending pedophilia seems to be her and other’s way of excluding pansexuals from the entirety of the LGBTQIAP+ spectrum. Anyone who identifies as pansexual already struggles to come to terms with their sexuality since many do not validate it as legitimate, but seeing themselves replaced by such a disturbing group of people would only worsen that.

The stigma surrounding pansexuality is already negative due to many not knowing what exactly it entails and this comparison will only continue to close them off from the LGBT+ community.

Pedophilia  is not something to be classified as a sexuality. In fact, not one source stated anything but it being considered a “disorder” and one source said, “Pedophilia is a psychosexual disorder in which an adult or adolescent has a sexual preference for prepubescent children. This disorder is also considered to be a paraphilia, which is a group of disorders defined by abnormal sexual activity.”

Having a sexual attraction to minors is not to be compared to having an attraction to someone who is the same gender as you. Pedophiles deserve nothing short of a prison sentence and pansexuals deserve to feel normal and validated.

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