Needing gift ideas for a friend or family member that suffers from anxiety? You’ve come to the right place! These gift ideas are intended to bring some much-needed comfort to the people in your life who may find it hard to relax, because of anxiety, or really for any other reason as well! Continue reading and find the perfect gift for whomever you would like to present with a purposeful gift.

  1. Fidget Toys. Fidget toys can be amazing for managing anxiety! Sometimes we simply need a sort of distraction or way to occupy our minds outside of what might be going on in our heads or surroundings. Examples of fidget toys would be fidget cubes, stress balls or the most recently trending fidget spinner. They also make fidget jewelry, which can serve the same purpose while remaining more discreet.
  2. Essential Oils. Aromatherapy can be a powerful tool in helping some people with anxiety. It tends to have different effects on different people, but it is certainly worth a try for whomever needs some extra relaxation. Essential oils can be bought and used in many different forms. These products are often sold in bottles containing concentrated, diluted, and/or mixed oils. These are great for use in diffusers and homemade products, such as personal mixes, lotions, sprays, bath products and much more! Alternative ways that essential oils are sold is in pre-made lotions, shampoos, detergents, chapsticks, candles, and more, however, a favorite of many is personal essential oil diffusers, such as MONQ. This market contains so many options and I encourage anyone interested to explore which products are best for them.
  3. Comfort Blanket. Any kind of comforting blanket will mostly-likely be appreciated by anyone who is a little extra anxious. This could be a personalized blanket, such as one specially made, heated, or just extra soft! Though more on the pricier side, weighted blankets work wonders for anxiety. Search the market for what best fits your budget and the person you are buying for.
  4. Hot Beverages. Drinks such as hot teas, coffees, or even ciders can feel very relaxing for anyone. This gift is practical, affordable and will be greatly appreciated! Also, consider buying someone a coffee pot or tea pot if you are looking for something a little more costly.
  5. Sleep mask/ Ear Plugs. Some people have anxiety that is induced by lights or sounds. Both of these products can help to prevent that, or give them a sort of break from their surroundings. This may not be helpful for everyone, but can be so helpful for others. This is also a very affordable and practical gift.
  6. Book/ Movie/ Album/ Streaming Subscription. Movies, books and music can be great ways to get your mind off of things. Self-help books or a book that you think the person might simply enjoy can make for a wonderful gift. Have a movie or album you think they might like? Gift it to them! A great alternative to this is also a movie or music streaming subscription, such as Netflix or Spotify.
  7. Self-Expression Journal. Sometimes the best way to calm the mind or process thoughts is to write them down! Consider giving the gift of a new journal, sketchbook, or coloring book. This way they can express their thoughts, plans, worries and thoughts on paper.
  8. Letter/Card. Sometimes all someone needs is a reminder that someone cares. Write a letter, make a drawing or send a card. This is such a simple way to make someone’s day and make them smile.
  9. Cozy Clothing. Many people who suffer from severe anxiety spend a lot of their down time at home. Since this is the case, a gift of soft pajama pants, sweats, t-shirts, or socks is a good option. What better way to get comfortable than comfy clothing?
  10. Something that encourages their interests. A great way to calm down is to do something that you enjoy! Give a gift that involves a hobby of the present receiver. Do they enjoy art? Buy them a new sketchbook or set of markers, pens, pencils, crayons or paints! Are they into photography? Gift a camera, computer, editing software, studio lights or even a prepaid photography class! Know a fitness fanatic? Buy at-home fitness products, such as a yoga mat, dumbbells, a new workout video or an all-expense paid gym membership or workout class.

There are so many useful items you can gift to someone who struggles with anxiety. The items among this list are just a few of the many products that would make great gifts for friends and family members with anxiety. Combine multiple of the products listed above to create the ultimate gift of a self-care kit! Feel free to be creative with your gift ideas and spread some love, care and support to anyone that could use it.

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