In a world of quickly diminishing resources, it’s difficult to raise money for school projects or activities without causing more harm than good. As the co-president of my school’s Earth Club, there’s a constant struggle for making our school as eco-friendly as possible. Due to poor funding in our school district, the Earth Club is responsible for anything environmentally useful, from vegan friendly snack options to simple recycling bins in classrooms. Here’s some fundraising ideas that won’t harm the world in the process. Some we have used, and some will be projects for the future.

Vegan Bake Sale

Have a baking day with your club! Bake as many treats as you need, and make them as customizable as you want to. Set up a booth in a busy area of your school or town, and sell your baked goods for a dollar a piece. Bonus: Don’t use paper liners for cupcakes. Opt for reusable silicone liners. Make the event as waste-free as possible.

Movie Day

Ask a teacher if you can use the projector in their classroom, or make a screen yourself. Use a streaming service or have people bring in their favorite movies, and have a calm day watching films! Provide pillows and blankets. To earn money, sell entry tickets. If you want to, charge for snacks as well. Bonus: Instead of using microwavable popcorn packets, air pop your own for a less wasteful and healthier alternative. For an educational option, set up environmental documentaries.

Sustainability Sale

Have everyone bring in objects, scrounge thrifts shops, or DIY some room decor. Set up some tables, and host a yard sale. Open it up to people outside of your school as well. If the option is available, set up the booths in a community area to get more customers. Bonus: Upcycle old objects to make them more desirable, thus incentivizing people to buy your items without having to buy anything extra.

Green Themes Activity Day

Host multiple challenges throughout the day, each worth a different amount of points. Have people record themselves doing separate challenges and send the videos to your phone. Examples could include picking up trash from the park or a street, signing petitions for good causes, or eating vegan and vegetarian meals. Points can then be converted into tickets for outdoor activities, such as archery or art station. Bonus: Give incentives for people to come, such as prizes for whoever collects to most points. For example, give Fair Trade snacks to the first place winner.

Arts and Crafts

Create your own path! People love small items to decorate their rooms, outfits, or even lockers. Last year, my club found giant bins of pins while emptying the recycling bins at our school. Vinings School of Art, a local business in our area, let us use their studio and materials. We painted and decorated them, and sold them for $4 a piece. People put them on their backpacks and lunchboxes, and we raised over $200 for Earth Club. Bonus: Go to your city’s recycling center to look for materials! Plastic water bottles or cardboard boxes can be reused in countless ways, and it’s better to reuse items than buy new ones.

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