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20 Goals to Set In 2018 That Aren’t Weight Loss

One of the most prominent issues within today’s society is that of weight-loss. Everywhere you turn there seems to be an advertisement for a new “miracle diet” or killer exercise that will shave off your “extra pounds” in days. Modern society is obsessed with being the thinnest version of yourself because thin is good and anything else is unspeakable. So this year, instead of setting another anti-body-positive (unless it is best for your health or not spurred out of the mega-popular “big/ not thin is bad” mindset)  “weight loss” resolution, perhaps try one of the resolutions below!

  1. Make your best playlist ever and grow your music collection. In 2018, explore genres you never thought you would be interested in. Listen to every song your friend suggests. Listen to your Spotify “discover weekly” and daily mixes.
  2. Drink more water. 
  3. Take better care of your skin. Look through the skin care thread you know you’ve seen on Twitter. Find what works for your skin through trial and error.
  4. Work on your punctuality. Chronic lateness is an illness that affects many. Don’t be ashamed!
  5. Work on your mental health. Look into therapy. Take mental health days. Explore what you might think the root of your problems is. Consider what diagnosis you might have, but be careful not to self-diagnose.
  6. Find something you’re passionate about.
  7. Develop a wardrobe that suits your individual sense of style.
  8. Develop your savings.
  9. Work on being tidier. Start with baby steps, but organization will make your life so much easier. It might make you less stressed and more successful!
  10. Develop good habits and eliminate bad habits. This sounds incredibly general, I know. But look at yourself from another perspective and think what little changes might help you prosper! For example, I pick at my cuticles when I’m uncomfortable to the point of bleeding. In 2018, I’m going to try my best to break that habit (Bandaids? Nail Polish? I’m not sure yet) and you should at least attempt yours!
  11. Learn how to identify bad friends.
  12. Stop your dentist’s comments about bleeding gums (floss).
  13. Decorate your bedroom.
  14. Be more creative.
  15. Dress for comfort.
  16. Or dress for style.
  17. Dress however you want to!
  18. Learn more about issues that don’t affect you.
  19. Learn more about the candidates you want to vote for.
  20. Find things that make you happy and incorporate them into your everyday lifestyle.

I hope you are living your best life in 2018! Happy new year!

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CeCe Shilling
Written By

17 year old Sunflower enthusiast. Aspiring Gloria Steinem.

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