Massive Car Pile Up In New York Becomes Deadly

A car pile up became deadly today near Buffalo, New York after intense snow intimately brought  forth poor visibility conditions and difficult driving situations for those in the upper state. At around 2 pm, a 75 car pile up ultimately lead to an estimated 100 cars, according to several witnesses.  The accident suspended all lanes of traffick on the I-90 highway and both ends of the I-90 were closed off. The numerous cars involved with the accident eventually linked into a chain reaction of cars. 15-20 accidents consisted of the major pile up. Many people were left trapped in their vehicle until help was reached.


The brutal gust of winds that sweep heavy snowfall around the area is a dangerous combination and can be deadly when it comes to the means of traveling. The winter season prominently creates these circumstances relevant for those who live in Buffalo and the northern regions. These factors ideally resulted into the fatal accident that later involved one person’s death and another two individuals who’ve been reported hospitalized. However, New York State police told WGRZ that the direct trigger of the collision is seemingly unclear, given the provided information and detail from those involved with the pile up and those who identified themselves as witnesses.


Buffalo was alerted instantly of the accident that took place and was issued not to travel unless if necessary.  Mark Poloncarz, Erie County Executive in the Buffalo region tweeted,


“ I have issued a Travel Advisory for Northern Erie County, including all of Buffalo, Cheektowaga, Lancaster, Alden and areas North to the Erie County/Niagara County line due to the Buffalo Blizzard Warning. Due to whiteout conditions no unnecessary travel is advised also.”

The heavy snow storm that swept through Buffalo, New York caused sustaining winds of of up to 40 mph and visibility while driving to be as low as 1/8th of a mile. Extremely low temperatures in the single digits created icy roads that contributed to the disaster that struck earlier today.


Resulting from the hazardous effects of Storm Grayson, Buffalo and upper state New York is expected to see continuous snowfall, cold temperatures and gusts of winds. The storm is set to continue throughout the Southeast to Northeast, through today until Thursday.


The massive car pile up in Buffalo, New York is an early indicator to individuals in the winter season effected by the harsh conditions of snow. Extreme precaution should be taken when operating vehicles in similar given circumstances to the ones faced today in New York.






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