Ivanka Trump Wants To Be The First Female President

Michael Wolff’s new book is making a splash before it has even been released. While the excerpts that have been released have revealed surprising information about Steve Bannon, the excerpts also revealed a deal that Ivanka Trump made with her husband Jared Kushner. According to the new book, when the couple decided to become unpaid advisors to the President, Ivanka declared her wish to run for president in the future if the opportunity presented itself.

However, why does Ivanka think that she should become the first female president?

Let’s take a look at what Ivanka has done in her first year as an advisor in the White House.

She sat in at a meeting between President Trump and the Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe. While the details of the meeting were not disclosed as the press was not allowed in, the New York Times reported that Ivanka’s company and Japanese apparel company Sanei were about to finalize a deal, which fell through after the Times report.

Ivanka has done all of these things as an unpaid advisor with no clearly defined role and no real ethical regulations to be bound by since her job has no true description except for giving the President “candid” advice.

When looking back over the year and connecting the dots, it seems as though Ivanka has been quietly gearing to enter into a place of political leadership and the presidency by meeting world leaders and working with legislators.

Will she really be our first female president?



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