Students Are Forced To Attend School, Despite Classrooms Being Unheated

Temperatures are steadily decreasing as the winter season has approached. In some areas of America, the harsh conditions of winter have drastically effected the weather, causing significant  droppings in temperatures. Cities have recently reached single digits and are continuing to decrease.

Across the country, schools are being negatively affected by the environmental changes brought forth from winter. Large schools throughout cities such as Baltimore, recently have encountered broken heating systems. Despite these schools offering no heating and a broken down water system due to the damage caused by the cold, Baltimore school officials showed that students were forced to still go to school. Baltimore City Schools official Twitter account announced the opening of the cities school on January 2nd in a tweet.

“UPDATE: School buildings were monitored for heat & water issues throughout the holiday break. At this time, all schools EXCEPT Woodhome EMS & the Elem/Middle Alternative Program are expected to open on time on Tues., Jan 2. Any changes will be posted here as early as possible.”

Many students bundled up in layers of clothing and coats in preparation for a long and cold day. Some classrooms were reported to be as cold as 40 degrees Fahrenheit. In Baltimore, students were forced to deal with the unbearable coldness and recently stated that the school temperatures remain the same the beginning of the school day, up until the very end.

Students who attended the school listed above have complained about poor concentration and illnesses because of the classroom’s low temperatures. Many left early after being dismissed by parents, while a few stayed and coped with the coldness.

Negligence against the decision to close schools without heat in the cities of Baltimore and Red Springs schools have shown lack of consideration on behalf of the students and teachers forced to attend regular school days. Regarding the given circumstances, students and teachers have publicly shared their thoughts and beliefs on whether or not the school board for these schools should be allowed to enforce schooling in these frigid conditions. The school boards have claimed that the city hasn’t given the schooling systems funding to fix the heating and water issues.


The Baltimore Teacher’s Union played a sufficient role in supporting the closings of the city schools. The union continued to show their support and concern for the safety of the school’s students by urging on the school boards to close school until the heating situation for the buildings is resolved.

The well being and safety for a student should be the primary focus to similar situations and circumstances regarding the weather. Little or no heating in a school during the brutal conditions winter brings along is a valid and sufficient reason to close all schools that are impacted.

Students need your help! Act now and support city schools in Baltimore. Raising $20,000 would be genuinely efficient by covering the fees of 600 heaters. Students are also in need of hats, gloves, coats, etc. Donations can be made here.






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