My Experience Taking a Gap Semester Instead of a Gap Year

As the new year tales and college applications go out, students must take many things about their future into consideration. In the past year, many recent high school graduates have decided to take a Gap Year before pursuing their college degree. This “active year” in between high school and college allows for students to come into themselves after coming out of high school and find their newfound independence while relaxing their minds after the chaos of their prior senior year or taking the time to travel the world. For some individuals, a period of twelve months seems way too long, but they still would like to take a break in between college and high school — consider a gap semester, I did.

The gap semester is perfect for an individual who wishes for the break between college and high school, but who also wants to find themselves outside the traditional confines of school. This time off can allow a student to go make some money in the workforce before entering the college world or to hang out with family and friends uninterrupted before branching off. This can also be a time to de-stress. I knew I wanted to go to school in the fall but the amount of stress I was under at the point of time would’ve given start to a poor college experience. Though I originally didn’t want to, I opted to take Gap semester instead of a Gap Year was because I wanted to be able to assist my family with my brother and declutter my mind from high school at the same time.

During the end of my senior year in 2016, I had already been accepted into my dream school and had plans to start school in the fall, but my life took a turn. My brother had been diagnosed with leukemia in April and my parents needed my assistance to help balance the household. To add to my series of unfortunate events, I found out that I didn’t have enough tuition to cover my classes.It seemed my circumstances made my decision for me, but it was the best decision.

My break from school started on my graduation day in May 2016 and ended in mid-January 2017. In that time period, I was able to relax my mind from the stress I allowed myself to build up from daily activities. I was able to apply for a local more affordable school that didn’t cost me an arm and a leg. The school I am at now isn’t nearly as big as my dream school was but they offer the same amount of benefits.



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