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Why I Turned Away From Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party

Up until about two months ago, I was Team Corbyn all the way. I loved the way he energized young people and how he seemed like just a regular guy, unlike the other politicians in Westminster. The youth turnout in 2017 was up from 43% to 58%, so it seemed that others of my generation agreed. Having also been raised in a fairly socialist, left-wing family, I never considered the fact that I didn’t have to support Labour.

Now, however, I have come to the conclusion that I simply don’t like the Labour Party.

First of all, the leader himself. The one and only Jeremy Corbyn, who has become a cult figure in British politics. Disliked by many MPs, including many in his own party, for his socialist views, he proved many wrong at the last election by gaining 36 seats, 28 of which were from the Conservative party.

He has also truly won over social media. Hatred of ‘tories’ on Twitter in the last few months has been particularly evident, as it seems many young people like the idea of socialism and the left-wing policies of Mr. Corbyn.

I have no issue with politicians turning to social media to promote their policies and popularity. What I do have a problem with, however, is politicians taking young people for fools and believing that populism is the only factor that will make us go out and vote. Because that is exactly what Corbyn is doing. Take his appearance at Glastonbury, for example. Politicians at music festivals when they could be battling the government on austerity, benefit cuts and Brexit? It just doesn’t add up.

And on the topic of policies, how can we be expected to trust a leader who can’t even remember how he is intending to cost his manifesto? I’m no fan of Theresa May, but something tells me if she made such a blunder, she would have faced a much larger backlash than Corbyn did.

I have spoken with many Corbyn supporters my age and the way they spoke about him worried me. I asked one girl what her favorite policy of his was and she said she didn’t know; she just thought he was cute. Is this really the future we want for politics?

The Labour Party has been divided for years, especially since Corbyn was elected as leader.

Personally, I would rather lend my support to a political party concerned with fighting the Conservative Party on their barbaric policies, which is why I recently joined the Liberal Democrats.

My reasons for this are too long to fit in one article, but let’s just say I decided to join based on policies rather than whether the leader of the party is ‘cute’ or not.


Photo Credit: Jane Barlow/Press Association

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Martha Lewins
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16 year old from the north of England with a passion for astrology, folk music, politics and lana del rey

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